Learn to Spray Tan

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Q - Do I need to have beauty industry experience?

A - Definitely Not.... anyone can learn to spray tan. I taught my husband to spray tan me and he does a great job!

Q - Will any skills help or assist with learning?

A- An eye for detail definitely helps or will speed up the learning process. It also is an advantage if you have used a spray gun before/ however it won't take long to get the hang of how our system works.

Q - I have a tanning system, but it isn't yours, can I still learn with your course?

A - Sure no problem. You may need to adjust how far away you hold your gun to spray... & that should be it. Otherwise it is the same method for every system. HOWEVER WE KNOW HOW EASY OURS IS TO LEARN ON - SO IF YOU'RE STILL TO BUY MAYBE CONSIDER OURS.

Q - How long will it take before I can spray clients?

A - This all depends on you. Some girls only do a handful of practice runs before they have the hang of it, while others need a few more. I do find that most girls will be able to spray a client after they complete our training course